"Im Wishing You were Here"
My body is cold and numb, not having you beside
I need your arms wrapped around me
Without you I feel empty inside
Your voice is so lovely

I listen to music but it doesn't help me because instead of the music
I hear your name ringing in my mind.
I think about you all the time
I remember the conversations we have

It plays a toll on me
Right now all i see is nothing
Because you are not here
I shed a tear

If you were here right now
I would show you how
How love is meant to be
With you and me

" A Better Life"
The rich have whatever they want and the poor have nothing
Yet the rich are never happy and the poor are dieing
What can we say about this?
Life is unfair
If we only learn to give our lives unselfishly to help one another live and love one another
maybe life would be fair
We should die for a brother who sins against us
That is how powerful love should be
Just like Jesus who died on the cross

"Break Free"
I need to get out and break this bottle.
Im stuck on the same path ive been on before
Someone please help me to break this bottle
I hate being hurt over and over again
In this bottle I have no where to go when im down my pain flows up and fills this bottle
but inside im shaken and nothing comes out to be good.
I wish life was easier
No hate, pain, loneliness, or grief
Someday i say the bottle will break, and i will break free, only if God would let me.

"The Longing"
I long to see your face i long for your warm embrace and whenever i think i can stop thinking of you
I see you again and once more your in my dreams
I still remember where i saw you
Your eyes were so beautiful
They make my skin trickle
I love everything about you,
Your hair oh i cant help but stare, your skin so glowing and nice like milk and honey put together, so sweet
I wish i had you in all kinds of weather
Please say yes and be mine forever.

"The Rain"
I lay down and realize my innocense has gone by
No matter how hard i try I cant stop the tears that i cry
It feels so good and i knew you would but when morning arrives
It wont change the past i wanted this sweet love to last
I know the rain will stop the clock will drop
It means good bye and letting go of your warm body
But the rain still pours and the memory that was once you and me becomes a lost picture in reality
But the rain still drops and as i make love with you i know my innocense is there showing me how much you care
With your tender voice and gentle touch this is what i call lust
Now the rain is gone and you are too; the inocense becomes guilt because of you and maybe  your right
It may seem like i can kill, but my choice brought joy no its not a boy i gave birth to a baby girl, and this is what ill name her, ill name her after The Rain.

This poem goes out to anyone who wants abortion
I hope you dont choose abortion because its a crime,your killing life and hurting yourself will also kill your inner being,

"Melody of Love"
Everytime i see your face

My heart skips a beat

Knowing that your here beside me gives me tap dancing feet

If you only knew how much you mean to me id make the birdies sing

Im waiting by the phone right now baby please give me a ring

Your so sweet and thats no doubt you were sent from heaven above

That is why i made this poem for you its called "Melody of Love"

Im addicted to you
Your love is like a burning candle
It melts me away
When you touch me i feel warm and fuzzy
I like your kisses, your breath is sweet, fresh like cool air in the morning
I'm in heaven so deep in love with you
Take me away
Take my breath away once more time, and fullfil this emptyness inside.

"Something I Need"
i take time to kneel and pray
For that special someone, that person to fullfil my dreams and make all my wishes come true
Is it lust or love i cant decipher what
All i know is that i need a Romeo to rescue me
Someone who cares and spares me from the pain i felt before
So before i can love again
This i pray that my love wont run away instead will be here to stay

Rain rain come to stay
Rain rain dont go away
You keep me accompanied through the lonesome night
Rain rain you pick me up when im down
Rain rain you turn my frown upside down
I dance with you all around when i think of him i just think of the memories we had instead
Rain rain romantic rain
Rain kisses are breathless ones
Rain rain your my best friend
Rain just let it rain

Writer's Block: Been There, Done That
If you could live one day in your life over and over, which day would it be?

it would probably be the day i saw Chris at the arcade


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