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Voice Post
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Enchanted Forest
This path that will lead you is to an enchanted forest with fairy dust
The fairy will be me and grant you a wish
I hope the wish will make you become a fairy to live with me
We can fly in the sky and make rain so we can cool eachother down
Then you will pick me up off the ground and say you will always be my star and i wont go far.

Be MIne
I want to laugh on the swings with you and i want laughter when we start a family
children will be happy because you and me are happy
I will obey you and supply all your needs and you can ask me anything i will give it to you for free
And we will live happily ever after in a cozy home where we will cherish and never break a stone

When a Woman Loves a Man
Me and you stick together like glue It is a fact and you never make me feel blue
Me and you are so attached we are not opposites but our personalities attract
Me and you walk hand in hand I will be your woman and you will be my man,

The flowers you gave me remind me of how bright and beautiful our love will bloom to be
The chocolates you gave me remind me of the sweetness of honey on your perfect lips.
The teddy bear you gave me reminds me of the hugs that are so comfy when i am with you
And you don't have to give me anything more just you yourself which i adore.

Prince and Princess
You are my funny bone I need you when I'm down
You are like the jewels on my crown and you make me feel special
You protect me like a knight for his queen and with you i fear no evil
Your castle is my castle where we will live forever and share our dreams together....

"Love Notes"
I'm writing this poem for you
Your the only one that makes me feel brand new
When i first heard you we said i love you to eachother
That's why i want you to meet my mother
You make my frown become a smile
And tears go bye when you say dont cry

This poem is helping me right now
Because i am not feeling sad like a cow
I just need you to call
So later we can hang out at the mall
So till then my friend
We will be together in the end

"Wedding Day"
I imagine our wedding day
And all the words you will say
The people around us will stop and think
This is true love and you give me a wink

Whenever you kiss me on that day
I fall deeper in love and you will be here to stay
So lets drink and cheers we are married now
Its time for you so take a bow

Kevin is a name that i always loved

It is a name that came from heaven above

I love Kevin and i want to give him a hug

No its not a name that will lose my trust

A name like Kevin is a miracle to me

Now i know what love can be

"I Found You"
My love is pouring out for you
I want to be there wherever you are
I know your the only one who can heal my scars

If your heart was broken i will mend it for you
The same way i know you will mend mine
Your so sweet and kind

You say you love me and i know you mean it
With your kind of love it brings new meaning
Out of all the times i was suffering i found you and now i am something